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4Life v2 contract: 0x3e33dd1fcc182afc68a967c9cd456a43a3e973c6
buy on pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap
All investor:  Please DO NOT BUY more than 2% of total supply per wallet. 2% is 2 million Token. Thank you
Helpful tip: Please never panic sell, if people selling you can buy more. 
DOXXING/KYC info will appear on this page and our telegram group

We have made a small start. An opportunity to invest a little for big return in future. Have you ever wondered how profitable crypto investment could be if project teams were honest ? Unfortunately most are simply scammers in our opinion, bringing terror and uncertainty to the DeFi world of crypto. We wish best for all investor.

4lifefinance is under development, the team will focus on various partnership in future to add value to the project once we make a reasonable progress. Whitepaper, token omics, utility etc will be in much more detailed. Some of us working as voluntary adviser for various pet fish disease, treatment, pond maintenance and filtration. We believe this free service will add value to our token in many ways. Please check koicarp4life section for more info.
Tokens held by team wallets to be used for various purposes like marketing, rewards etc but no tokens will be misused /dumped on investors. This is a guarantee from us. Lion share of it was added to Pancake Swap.
There is 5% tax on buy/sell, 1% reflection, 4% liquidity
Liquidity locked for 5 years (47%) and 1 year (53%). You can check deeplock for unlock dates.


Koi Carp 4Life is here to help hobbyist around the World to manage their pet fish grow in a clean and disease free environment.

Please Click on KoiCarp4Life next to Home menu for more info


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