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Welcome to koi carp 4Life

We are a small voluntary team and our aim is to help koi hobbyist around the world to manage and maintain their koi and goldfish pond in a healthy and disease free environment. We will continue to upload and update articles throughout year. Please leave a message on comment section with any question or recommendation.

If you require more specific help with fish disease, treatment, water quality, filtration etc please get in touch with us and we will response as soon as we can. This is a free service and will appreciate your feedback.

If demand grow we may list various treatment and filtration equipment to buy direct from us. we may introduce a telephone help line for those requiring urgent help and there will be a small fee for this service. There will be two option of payment, one being credit or debit card and the other is to pay by our crypto currency token*, 4Life v2. Please see home page for more info.

* This is our future plan

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