Using Rain Water For Pond Water Changes

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Pond owner facing high cost from using city water can take advantage from harvesting and using rain water to do their weekly water changes. This is probably the best way forward and should be considered seriously. This will also lighten the stress on our city water suppliers.

We need to choose correct type of harvesting tank. Water tanks which are safe for drinking water is also safe for fish. There are a lot of rain water tank which are NOT safe for drinking water and those are also NOT safe for fish.

Rain water quality/parameters will differ from area to area and will require “conditioning/processing” before using for fish pond. This may be less of a problem for regions with minimal air pollutions. There are a lot of undesirable elements that can come with the rain e.g. acid, toxins, pollutants, parasites, bacteria and fungi but we need to learn how to deal with them and not just waste this opportunity. Here’s what I would do.

Make sure no debris or mosquitos enter harvesting tank. Fill harvesting tank to approximately 2 to 3% of its volume with different type of calcium carbonate stones e.g calcite, limestone, CAC03 (calcium) stones etc ( wash all stones thoroughly before adding to tank). Add air stone for aeration 24/7 (if possible/highly recommended), a small, low power consumption air pump dedicated for this tank is ideal. Air stone can be placed a foot under water as small air pump will struggle with higher depth. Test water for PH and KH from time to time so we have a good understanding of how acidic etc water is through out year. Use cheap bicarbonate of soda to adjust KH/PH level if necessary and I would aerate at least 40/50 hours before using for pond water changes. Having lots of caco3 stones and aeration may be sufficient for balancing PH & KH . This process will get easier with time and most importantly save a lot of city water throughout our world.

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