Pond Filters

Filtration is the heart of successful pond management. There are many different type of filters available on the market. Ensuring that your pond water is safe for fish is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy pond environment and reducing the risk of disease. Basics of how filter works Purpose of filters are NOT to …

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Koi Pond In Winter

Articles to be uploaded, in the mean time few tips for winter pond fish care…. For ponds which are likely to freeze I would add salt. Please dissolve salt before adding to pond. Anything from 0.3% to 0.5% should be good. 0.3% is 3kg per 1000 litre of water. Salt should be added no more …

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Koi Carp 4Life

Welcome to koi carp 4Life We are a small voluntary team and our aim is to help koi hobbyist around the world to manage and maintain their koi and goldfish pond in a healthy and disease free environment. We will continue to upload and update articles throughout year. Please leave a message on comment section …

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